About political position in Russia.
 Young democracy only then something costs if she is able to solve the problems and is able to be protected. Otherwise figuratively it can recognise as "incapacitated" (a comment of the author: In this world the proverb always approached: «you Look for peace - prepare for war» and if you have relaxed for some time, something means not so). And the most important thing if have decided to build democracy so build, go forward, instead of do any substitute or a fake.
 The most basic problem of the Russian young democracy, this heritage of last mode (the emasculated society, living last 70 years at socialist empire, on clonal type) I.e. degradation and disappearance of certain qualities of a society, which not so simply to revive.
 First absence of party of anarchists - active in political sense of a word of a part of democracy which always did not allow to become covered by a mould to the inhabitant, recovered a society the ideas.
 Secondly absence of party of nationalists - colours of the nation (a comment of the author: nationalists it not always the numerous party, them as a rule not too is a lot of but to listen to them in parliament always it is useful, they watch over nation health, and also bring the big contribution to defensibility of the state.
 Both parties representatives of the "dark" party which in this world do not love and do not understand, but like to accuse of all troubles - here where a trouble (!) of this world. The wrong understanding of "nayward" of force, and is more true "a nayward" damnation betrayed to oblivion (a nayward accursed). For example, history with Dart Plegas Wise - dark the lord whom up to the end nobody knows and which have for some reason hidden dgedai. What then has occurred in an extreme antiquity?
 You tell to me that I have deeply dripped history or can I am put in not the affairs and consequently I wish which-that to explain to you. If the society had any problems in the past, it does not mean that they are solved or any events could decide incorrectly (to bury in oblivion them, to block memory of genes, etc.) and to you to leave one belief, say all is good, normal, rejoice in general that while live, you by the way convince yourselves that are on friendly terms with own "I". I can to you from 100 % confidence tell that you do not remember yourselves, at you in a head model own "I".
 But there have come centuries of progress, new medicines which can activate memory and thinking and that is blocked are created, it is forbidden can be property of publicity, but it can is given to you in such kind that «it is better you than it did not know». Yes, really, the truth can be bitter, but refuse memory, i.e. agree with blocking of memory it means to agree with certain degradation of the person, i.e. to refuse the past.
 The nayward of this world has A damage on wisdom, i.e. quality like is, but absence of wisdom Affects actions - aggression, cruelty, thirst of the power. It is necessary to watch it and first of all to the nayward, i.e. on a thicket to look on From outside.     
 It is possible to refuse in general a nayward, to degrade in defined Sense of this word, i.e. to be clowns, in it and there is a sense black A joker (a bus comment: the black joker is wise - he laughs at you, and you not Understanding its jokes, only be angry, and the clown is a laughing-stock - the fool. And so never confuse a joker and the fool (!)).