About sense of blood.
Epidemic so-called «a pork flu» has now begun. In general on To predictions it mor which will carry away at least one million. Therefore I will concern Things which badly understand or skilled virologists do not wish to understand even.
1) the Flu as well as AIDS concerns group of retroviruses, the most artful viruses. In difference from fighting viruses which simply devour the victim, i.e. Fast enough though also the painful death, retroviruses carry away the first blow On immune system also start it to kill slowly.
2) Very few people recollects that in the beginning XX Centuries of epidemic of an ordinary flu has died at least 10 million The person and also animals. All of us hide something , we do not finish speaking or Simply we are afraid to speak about what that. The narrow-minded hope can on I will be ill, Can will carry by.
3) I Will concern a few theory of virology according to which not against all Viruses it is possible to find a vaccine, it can to be received and that then, i.e. Probability global epidemic deathes which than you will not stop.
4) «the Radioactive person» is the ideal environment for mutation therefore That electronic radiation causes soft mutations, and at the ill person Viruses in a body millions, i.e. «the long-awaited deadlock» when «Classical methods» treatments any more will not bring long-awaited, or in general Not what result can come.
5) Blood at you "half-dead", it practically does not radiate protective fluids, For example at AIDS temperature rises slightly, i.e. the organism adequately Does not react to deadly disease intensity of fluids of blood very much The small.
I.e. it is necessary to be treated not for viruses, it is necessary to treat blood!
6) We search not there! Why for example we do not search for the decision of problems nonconventionally, I.e. we use sharpness, resource a little, we operate more classically, Authoritatively.
Now I will concern "nonconventional" methods of treatment of infectious diseases.
1 method - power information therapy. Very effective and perspective A method. And the most important purpose of this method, this treatment of blood. I.e. cages Blood, their revival.
2 method - a method electromagnetic fields. For example a method short The high-frequency impulses directed on damage of membranes of viruses. The Method risky but effective when to the patient excuse for expression «Could not be lost».
In general a method of short, high-frequency impulses it is possible to receive and a vaccine. Damaging membranes of viruses, leukocytes and limfocytes carry out the analysis An internal contained virus more well so can develop effective Antibodies.