About needles. (!)

  Methods volting happen different (needles smear in various solutions, potions and even it is simple in any shit). Ritual sticking needles are accompanied by ceremonies and spells and as to references to various forces, fates, cars etc. All it can strengthen blow by needle in hundreds and thousand times. I will not describe full school volting as me can accuse of partnership in magical crimes and as  I have knowledge of very perfect self-defence from volting which I as cannot write because can find ways to it overcomings and health my weak and I still wish to live the century on the Earth.
 But nevertheless I will tell to you about very simple and effective ways of protection from blow by needle.
 1) Before removing blow by needle it it is necessary to define (use the a scent, can address to power therapists - they can find out power falling in volting body)           
2) Buy a set of sewing needles (thick, thin, long, short, bent etc.)
3) Remove a spell from them. Take an ordinary but qualitative paraffin candle, thrust in it needles and light it. In process of a burn-out take out with top to a bottom, and then properly wipe cotton wool moistened in vodka.       
4) Now for example at someone a prostatitis and it is bad with erection that:
One needle on a table, a figure and a photo of the patient, if it not you Lays down. If you are treated, your photo. 3 candles (manufacturing and a way of application of candles look above) are lighted and sit easy, or meditate minutes 5-10.
The needle Is stuck without rage in a figure or a photo in a place prostates , the photo or a figure lays down on a table.
Sit minutes 5-10 and if still something will scent that and longer. A candle not in which case not to extinguish, and if will go out to light again.
Then cautiously needle take out and again sit minutes 5-10. After that extinguish candles.
After several sessions you can feel burning in sick body - be not frightened, there is a filling by energy of sick body. Needles it is possible to take out from any bodies and places. With high  care it is possible as to treat a stroke or a heart attack but if you do not have skill it can do much harm to the patient.
    Gradually having mastered «pull out needles» you can develop a universal method and as to develop the abilities.                
                                                                                 I WISH GOOD LUCK !!!