The first-aid set of the fighter of "invisible front".


   Many psychics and sorcerers unexpectedly got on invisible front can feel very much not comfort if is not worse.
Therefore I, as the skilled fighter will give some councils concerning a survival in our time of troubles.
 Care of the health mental and physical - the first rule of a survival of an individual. And that it strong it was necessary to watch about the general state of health, therefore in the first-aid set on the first place should lie
on the general the strengthening preparations and first aid preparations .
 1. Polyvitamins with microcells (I recommend - vitamineral and alphavit (!), complivit, duovit and olegovit, accepted without overdoses).
2. Pirazetam - fine nootrop which can gain very strongly at brain blows and stresses (I I drink this medicine 10 years of 0,2-0,4 in the morning and it is possible also in the afternoon at intensive brain work. He can be drunk continuously or to do small breaks (one month in a year) necessarily drink in a complex with polyvitamins.
3. A ginseng (tincture) fine toning up and means of stimulation of immunity  - it can be drunk from time to time at weakness, apathy and colds and also as means of stimulation of sex (it is desirable adding in sweet strong tea or coffee).
4. Relanium ampoule (tranquilizer). In the first-aid set it is useful at strong fears, stresses and shocks (make a prick to itself though in a buttock, though in a hip or a hand). Caution: relanium, as well as all tranquilizers causes at long application accustoming, therefore it is not necessary them to take a great interest especially, but once it happens is irreplaceable.
5. Valeriana (tincture). A fine folk remedy, natural psychotracks, very effective and safe (it it is possible to drink a vial floor for time). Perhaps if is not present what psychotracks, in many cases to replace them.    
6. Azaleptin-Leponeks (sedative) - «a dream guarantee» literally this word. I.e. if at you with a dream (badly fall asleep, wake up early or a stable sleeplessness) that this medicine can gain problems, even in small dosages. There is enough L, the M of a tablet from 0,025 Gramme. Accepted till 1 o'clock to a dream.
The note: the Stable dream it is very important for the sorcerer or the psychic because can "mentally to strike" or make damage, in common people «to steal a dream». Therefore, easy to be engaged in affairs have it in the first-aid set and will be easy engaged in affairs.
Its unique lack it is heavy to wake up and rise, therefore it is desirable to drink strong, sweet tea in the morning. Do not accept big doses of this medicine and protect it from children, it is possible "not to wake up" simply. On many psychotracks can give the recipe not only the psychiatrist but also the neuropathologist.
7. Kardioamin 25 % (drop) - very well help, if blows by needles heart. There is enough 10-20 drops since morning for preventive maintenance and heart will strongly make secure (will be probably ill, but will not be damaged).
 Yes, has absolutely forgotten, when you blows by needles anaesthetising (aspirin, but-shpa, etc.) do not help (!).
It is other pain to find therefore in them (anaesthetising) panacea not only it is not necessary, but also it is dangerous. Though but-shpa in not the big dosages can help.   
Many psychotropic medicines (tranquilizers, energizers and others) at long application and in the big doses, can cause «dregs in a head» (the thought does not run, eyes empty nothing expressing, excites world around etc.) in common people this damage is called "fog". And it can steadily stand before half a year.
 It can be removed a course ¹ 10 of "hot injections» (chloride calcium). Or to have a drink ginseng tinctures, pirazetam, polyvitamins. In general such damage well descends, if to drink sweet hot tea of an average fortress with vitamins and  in the morning. At all do not replace candles and polyvitamins with psychotracks (!), it can lead to oppression of mentality of an organism, infringement of strong-willed qualities and in a consequence, to disgust for any psychotropic preparations.
 In general we seldom notice, when potentially in us any illness is formed, i.e. subjectively we feel (weakness, nervousness, a headache) but it is not reflected in analyses or do not know, what to put analyses. And as though yourself you calm, what for say to be nervous to count as at you speak on God. In general as God at you is called that at whom you something ask also it you never listens. You simply convince yourselves that talk good luck, and really
In eyes it did not see, but hypocrisy about it as much as necessary.
  In general sports physicians can put such analyses (!) only, stages of an overload, retraining and an overstrain are familiar to them (presently such conditions can arise not only at sportsmen and and at people engaged intensively intellectual and physical work), they and can prompt treatment methods. In general such conditions can be prevoices of heavy neurosises and depressions and if they at you are that better to take care of the health, especially to be ill presently became expensive (!).

About alcohol. (The help of devils)

  Drinks on the basis of alcohol are natural, national energizers of stimulating action (i.e. psychotropic drugs creating mood) and as their all energizers should correctly to be able be accepted.
 First if you have decided to get drunk that do not forget to have a snack, for alcohol drink in considerable quantities without have a snack can do much harm to health.
 Secondly the alcohol is fine afrodisiac  therefore if you have decided to have sex intensively that alcohol is irreplaceable.
 In the third - the alcohol is fine a tranquilizer i.e. a medicine against the fear, therefore hundred gramme for bravery never will damage.
 Fourthly the alcohol well helps an organism to deduce radioactive elements and in general any toxins if not to touch and drink a qualitative product.
 Fifthly the correct use of alcohol prolongs a life, is simple we not always we are able to use it, and quite often we give in to damage «Green dragon » is when not you operate alcohol and alcohol you, you start to search for unique joy of a life in alcohol and to you already to spit, whether there is before you a high-quality vodka or cheap funfiric if only to leave in alcoholic euphoria and there is nothing not to think. This disrespect for and also for spirits, for initially spirits were created to bring pleasure, to create mood instead of to ruin soul and to generate heavy narcotic accustoming - an alcoholism.