The dictionary of the basic terms (in the co-authorship with devils).

                                                                                            Do not ask, where devils hide,
                                                                                            All of them it is equal to you will not tell


I have decided to get the small dictionary of terms which for you are not especially clear. And having recollected and having learnt still something, I will gradually supplement it. And that viewing of my site is not absolutely clear to a wide range of readers.


About Logos and Globes.

Logos and the Globe is called stations in space is basically information cars. They serve usually group of stars (constellation). Communication mental, the specific screen and any labels not to mix with what car is usually visible in vision hold communication (Internet type). You should feel the car (what exactly with it work) and the car too feels you to define with whom works. With car, as well as on the Internet it is necessary to be able to communicate, and if you do not understand as it to do, the car tell lies can work with you though some cars have helps and if you understand a semantic exchange that can will understand, also to you can prompt spirits if will find with them common language.
 Logoses plus to all are able to remove still damage, even at a great distance. Globes it basically information cars, they know much, but not with all go on contact what sense to give the information if it is not understood.                                 
About essence (spirits)
 Devils are artful, brisk and cheerful essence. If to learn with them to communicate they can tell much, but since some time they not so go on contact, they do not love when to them order. They can amuse likely
Dead but since some time they it is simple so do nothing and if you find common language that will understand that the humour prolongs a life.
Devils-demon are harmful to essence, like to harm yes to ask riddles (why I harm to you? You will guess - I  will leave). I since some time have ceased to pay to them attention, privjazhutsja-will get rid.
Demons are serious essence, with them it is necessary to be more cautious, try not to enter with them aggressive contact, but let know that if you will be to run you will be paid back in kind. And with them communicated a little, and has not found common language.
Angela is a type kind essence (look an icon Neopolimaja Kupina section about orthodox church). Angela knows much, but to communicate with them difficult because of damages. For you angels of health (the reason, a consequence) are at present important. Remove a spell with them from communication and much will understand though will grope a true way to itself i.e. how to restore the health.
Archangels - for you archangel Daniel (between a life and death) + casket (abilities to survive, not absolutely exact term - endurance) is important.
Gods - gods are called the objects allocated with intelligence which understand how they are arranged. I.e. as think, of what consist and know laws and secrets of a universe, it so to say certain level of perfection. They can create and extend a life.
Paradise - paradise planets are called where the life, so to say genesis arises naturally.
Hell - Hell soft stars (Sun type) in which are called it is possible to bathe and be washed after biological death. The majority of clones in to hells does not go, there it is impossible for them, they there will burn down. In hells the natural life goes to remove damage, to be washed and receive medical treatment (type of a pair bath).
As the person was called the human clone. He lives one life, in to hell it burns down.   
The sorceress- the woman who knows sorcery. Sorcerers happen different. Especially it is necessary to note black sorcerers and not to confuse them to witches. The black sorcerer understands a force nayward on female and as a rule bears knowledges a nayward and descends them. I.e. that was, and knows many secrets of a universe. Dark sorcerers usually are on friendly terms with devil.
The witch - a witch is called the degraded sorceress. She likes to subordinate and harm. Can remorselessly will receive medical treatment on the casual passer-by or the child (to make tap or subeat) and to do privorot. At you the self-preservation instinct in relation to witches is broken and there is no proof immunity. Many witches are dangerous potential (i.e. that can make) therefore with them be cautious, protect the health.
The mermaid - as mermaids were called women atlanta. They lived in underwater stations and is possible cities. Occasionally left on coast and had is sexual-raising an effect on the local man's population and envy at the local female. They were very beautiful, especially body contours. Atlanta have come from Space. They loved water and lived under water and on islands. Studied the underwater world and knew about ocean much. There is an assumption that the planet the Earth was underwater paradise (i.e. naturally the underwater life arose) earlier. Then something happens also a part atlanta has left in space without having told at all where. About a part remained and as I assume was lost. There is an assumption that the submarine of Nautilus really was. It is one of last submarines . It has been made of any composite and it as could not mark and destroy. It floated long, but that with it there was further I do not know. Souls atlanta remained on the earth and began to lodge among local, than and some beauty women the Earths speaks.
Pripachi  - pripachi aaplets (codes) - the zomby, loaded into a head as a virus are called, work usually in a background mode. Them mask under senses (obscure) and load indifference to a code that did not cause alarm. At you one of the most bad pripachi, on simple - the matrix splitting basing on damage in ovule (semen  can be though spoilt though is not present - all will make ovule), i.e. a code in ovule which practically does not vary and passes from father to son. And also generation indifference with certain clonal loading (installations, the purposes, cults, philosophy) and blocking memories (!) as genes and "soul". As a matter of fact you live (or always lived) on "clonal" type but centuries adapted and a little it notice." Souls "by the way it is not obligatory-clone , the program ovules is adjusted on any human. As a matter of fact the planet the Earth is a planet of human crowd - both clones, and people, and gods, only itself do not remember. Being engaged in 10 years global damage I and I can not tell precisely for what reason you get on a planet the Earth.
Plus to all at you at everyone still the "cockroaches in a head", therefore understand and recollect.