It is a little philosophy.

1) you many think that are free, though slaves worse than ever.
2)  Sins are money which on you earn galactic  «Doing micro-zomby» (basically sex), and you pray for forgiveness them before icons.
3) It is small who knows that your Beliefs in what good you will not result ( on trust live only morons yes the degraded persons for at them in connection with illness or defects is absent understanding).
4) you ready slaves learn to live mild and restrained, so you.
5) Of That you so are afraid hell if to bathe in a good hell after biological death it is useful for  health.
6) At you in a head harmony of the general is broken and private, there is a damage the general prevails over private (the general is turned and private, private and the general) and the most important thing the philosophy is hammered that the balance proceeds from balance of the general private, though, really on the contrary.
  The balance and society health proceeds from balance and health individuals (private) . Even in a so-called primitive-communal system when the instinct of self-preservation speaks that to one not to survive (i.e. tribes) so it is an instinct of an individual - it desires instead of desires something socialising and on how many the leader of a tribe was able to get on with fellow tribesmen and to settle the internal has put a tribe, depended on how many, the tribe is viable.