Indifference, indifference, indifference...


 I not so wished to write about some things, on the one hand - whether up to the end not assured so it, with another it is not absolutely clear much, well can there will be someone and will understand me. I wish to tell about  indifference(!).
 The important party of a survival of an individual is an understanding indifference.
In general basically any damnation indifference begins with a damnation or blocking under the name
Be accursed a candle... (!).
 The candle - is a particle of a hell and praying or meditating candles you as though liquidate damage connected with indifferences and also more well address to the higher forces in the request for the help or is simple with somebody to communicate in the mental world.
 Bright kind of damage on indifference is violently to charm or the top, volt and sorcery with mirrors which if can not liquidate to lead to the most pitiable infringement indifference – to degradation of the person, i.e. To infringement of the cores indifference an individual.
 Nevertheless, we cannot tell that we are indifferent to the good friend, favourite or to favourite, and to prove that we are indifferent completely or absolutely is means to jar on myself, to do to myself a top.
 In general meditations at candles, are an immunity basis indifference an individual, but we seldom reflect, as candles can be accursed.
 In general infringement of the cores indifference symptomatic lead to composure and calmness infringement and in strongly pronounced forms to mental diseases, therefore care about the health and about those to whom you are not indifferent.
 In general all of us different, to someone to be pleasant to be in a family, someone likes to be to one, someone likes luxurious private residences, and to someone cosy flats, i.e. everyone in own way is on friendly terms with itself (himself) and with the indifference(!) and violence over indifference an individual break its defining "I", i.e. that that that "is pleasant" also that it "would be desirable".
There is an assumption that you get on a planet the Earth because of infringement indifference.
1) Through illness (especially death after mental frustration);
2) After wars (damage);
3) Because of  Wrong understanding of the real world (a philosophy error affecting On life psychology).
In general there is any "Call-trap" to the end not clear and with which It is necessary to be the extremely cautious and that it for call is better to understand to Biological death not to get To more awful places. There is an assumption that the local have found a way or them Who has learnt not to give in on call, but up to the end they do not know that this such. If will understand, will leave this world if there is no that at the best Remain on a planet the Earth.
  In general on Christian custom before death it is necessary to ask from god of the help and To ask, that has pardoned for sins.
I to you will give one advice. Whether before death it is necessary to ask not from god of the help and to think Who your way has dumped "sins"
On you (in this world it in a lock of things, also do it remorselessly)  That is be responsible for the, instead of for the another's!!!