About a guessing on cards (important).
  Throughout the lives on the Earth I concerned about a guessing on cards sceptically, yet have not bought Richard Vebstera's book «the Guessing on cards for beginners». I have decided to try all the same will learn to tell fortune, and also I wished to understand sense of a guessing. About the beginning at me not so it turned out. I simply scattered cards more from there is nothing to do, than to predict the future.
 Gradually I have started to guess sense of a guessing (very well if you know the probability theory), and then not only has studied many ways of a guessing, but also has developed own.
 On cards really it is possible to learn much, and if you the person with abilities you literally can predict the future. I will not explain the guessing subtlety, everyone guesses in own way. I will stop on one improvement a guessing on cards. That I will write that will seem to you strange and not clear, you do not hurry up be prepared spiritually.

                Guessing on «the Black joker» (the black buffoon)

Black joker...It is possible to guess in any way only «a card asking» or on whom guess there will be a black joker. To you likely it is ridiculous that is written in this letter (if do not consider that I abnormal or definitively cranky – really I not such as you) and you laugh over me as at the clown, on the black clown – here and tell fortunes on «a black joker»! Fairly to tell this card many guessing and fortunetellers do not love and take out it from a pack or if it drops out that simply interpret it understanding up to the end sense of this card. Spirits can tell that it is impossible to do it that it is forbidden, you really can substitute yourselves strongly.
  Yes! Really on a black joker to guess not safely and if want a quiet life that better and do not try, because you will start to tell the fortunes not and