About Sithah and Dzhedajah.
                                                                                                                    One truth - do not create to itself an idol...
                                                                             For all idols are created for a long time already!?
  All this Not that a drama not that tragedy or accident goes from an extreme antiquity, and It has begun here with what. Someone has damned people - has divided all on white and The black. And people are not become amicable, and if were on friendly terms that convinced itself that all Normally. Noble knights battled to a satanic host and did not understand, why Some go so much The authorities (the absolute power (!)). Dark began to be considered as harm, light good, If not deeply to think like As it is correct...
 But... People Did not understand that they in all eyes are watched by other race and only tries to discover the moment, That them to enslave or To destroy. Till now the history with Dart Plegasom Mudrym is not known, but one is clear That wise forces of Darkness Have been betrayed and destroyed, джедаи have come to the rescue but was already late, And that that all have seen have hidden - Did not know as to tell (as well as I to you!!!). The moment serious External threat has then come and to help already Dzhedajah there was nobody (remained only heroically To die). With award destruction джедаев last have disappeared very important Knowledge which any more were not transferred from generation in generations and their traces from genes have then disappeared , also you began to live in the relative world and to pray do not understand To that.
 Whether about even to ask a question "One we in the Universe???", over which припахавшие you races laugh in покатуху (you for them the cattle, is worse than a shit) in you by the way in empty but filled Up to the top башке is припашок. It and is called - "you pray to a small group A shit or dung" - whether for you one difference. You and this difference not Understand. The ancient and most contemptible sect "Black cross" is based on it припашке with its witches (It was to Jesus). It has remained till now and now became more active you Their craft close do not understand, them always hide and hold on completion, for Especially critical moment. They by the way have lost many knowledge, but I have reached Logosa and All have learnt.
 Understand what business, This old enmity between white and black, Light and Darkness to good not Will result, especially during disturbing times for a civilisation (you for many very much A titbit, and "red monkeys" did not force for a long time землянских women is at them Like as the ceremony and fear is written down in genes). It seems to me they everything will come, Only wait for the moment - not to converge any criterion.
 First they not Are happy with conditions on invisible front. Earlier they had obvious Superiority, and now struggle and Confusion.
 Secondly the planet Is well armed and there is no power at obvious traitors and traitresses, расcчитывающих марионеточно to betray Far not simply got freedom and democracy.
 But nevertheless at them In plans the Armageddon and if they come it is simple so will not leave!!! They very much Count on moral depression of army and the population (they by the way main Psi-war trumps yet did not show, and your cards clearly opened). On It should learn on more about psi-war and what bargaining chips of psi-war at Them. They are very mean and artful, do not trust them, all of them it is equally deceived!
 It is necessary To create on any a military college for preparation of psychics-sorcerers and to prepare Them For possible psi-war and To enter in companies a post of the psychologist (that could support spirit of armies and To assist at psi-blows). To equip armies with psi-first-aid sets and on a root To pull out дедовщину, as a shameful cataract in the face of The Russian army. To Think properly about mental and psychological health Military men. On "belief", I will tell to you with probability of 99 %, you much In this war not навоюете (it is technical war), you do not know force of psi-blows And to avoid demoralisation of armies it is better to think now as to protect Mentality of the soldier.
 I serve in To the Soviet army and very well I know that this such and I will draw such conclusion:
"The soldier should Come from army home with thought that has not given in vain year of the life because in To army "grandparent", "order" and Standing at a bedside table and has learnt to be at war and can if the period for the country is required in heavy To protect itself, the family and the relatives, instead of is simple To execute someone's orders".
 It is very important to think Of a food in army and to give out vitamins (for example компливит on 1 tablet in Day), that backstop health and mentality. And in doctrines and "fighting" 100 The gramme that the soldier knew action of alcohol during service in army and Understood its action.
 It is better to create in general A special drink of 40 % of spirit and to add there Altay and others Grasses for improvement of digestion, restoration of forces, to an exit radionukleotids And removals of a physical and mental overstrain (it by the way very much Important!).
  To conduct in in all Combat arms:
1) Periodic fire Preparation (1-2 times to shoot for all army from the automatic machine, it does not mean  To learn to shoot).
2) to Learn to hand-to-hand fight.
3) More to train In technical aspect of army technics.
4) On a thicket to let out soldiers In dismissal or at impossibility of that to organise rest and leisure coлдата (that was самоволок less).
 In general in a galaxy There are also potential friends with which it is possible to be on friendly terms and co-operate, but all Are rather afraid to go to a quarantine zone (the damned places which have found bad Glory). At some at one thought to go to a quarantine zone hair rise On end and they can be understood, to whom hunting to vanish?!
 Therefore more Hope for the forces and do not count on anybody. You have all Necessary, only it is necessary to treat a head and to understand in the history.
 In general in disturbing Days for a civilisation if that that changes for the better, it is necessary to go in Before.
Such moments happen very much Seldom also happen almost pure case at all damned, and the way To real freedom is not easy Also it is impossible with probability of 100 % to tell that you will reach. But recollect yours Ancient ancestors by the ground (they were able to be at war and did not surrender without Fight).
 Many friendly in A galaxy hope that the planet the Earth to turn to a fortress on border A quarantine zone, for repulse to hostile races, and also repair shop For starprobe vehicles. Vacation spot where it is possible to receive medical treatment, breathe pure Air and to eat natural food, to have a drink wines and to have a rest.