And now as newcomers get to the Earth.

 As I wrote above after conception 1 trimester the fruit is formed, further there comes "settlement", i.e. "soul" wishing can be occupied to be occupied, if exists the mutual consent of "soul" and mother (so occurs in a normal situation).
And now what fool will voluntary be occupied to the Earth? Fools are not present!!!
The Earth - completely minizomby a planet.
 Further 2 trimester should lodge "smothering" and interested persons are not present, in a normal situation there is an abortion (after that the fruit should be burnt).
On there is another, is formed to drain in a field in a uterus i.e. desire of mother violently to occupy soul. In a head at mother connected to all subspaces, and field to drain in can drain in "soul" from a next star, the next galaxy or measurement.
Further there is a violent settlement of "soul". Memory (you remember nothing and as lodge too do not remember) is completely blocked and the early childhood remember very badly (usually from 2,3 years). At first parents care of the child, listen, whether who searches I "smother", try not to irritate the child and when search abates, wait usually a little more, and then start to "explain" to the child where it has got, quite often use violence (beat a belt or simply beat, morally terrorise). In general who as parents learn to respect themselves (parents) and demand respect, the child for them, their property.  Fairly to tell if parents will get more or less normal, that is probability to live a life "happily". To get education, to establish a family, and somehow to live under laws and customs of the Earth.

On any who has read this letter, psychological pressure will be put.

Symptoms: Fears, dizziness, the unlucky, misunderstanding of associates, over to be cautious at driving of the car and on journey parts, to avoid drunkenness in public places (everywhere death threat) and various scandals, in general to be cautious as far as possible quiet.

    Kind of a human brain from within...                                                                

Area site where it is located the micro-zomby (basis)     

Because in the brain centre
                                 There is no area, (the item of the item of century) that    brain centering is broken   .  
Therefore pressure. It is necessary   to it   to be disconnected  and
The  dizziness will begin  .   The zomby is
   to symmetrically item of the item of century, it all brain and an organism as a whole copes .
neuroglion is a product of work so
named particles of spirit (they are
In a head). Soul particles are in a body.
The multitask mode is loaded into them
one of problems fiber synthesis in cages.
(Cease to think that  synthesis
The squirrel it on 100 % chemical reaction,
It is the most complicated process
Generated in process
Evolutions in spirit and soul particles). Drawing is taken from the book
«Human physiology for sportsmen» N.A.Fomin,
Moscow, Education, 1982

Aura of the baby...

         The main charkas and power system...

 Drawings are taken from Linda Retlisberger's book. «The practical course of the psychic»

Other problem a parcel it is information - power parcels (fluids).  
Fluids happen different.                                       
There are so-called universal medical fluids (they well protect an organism from any parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses) you them practically are not present.
There are sexual fluids. (They basically are radiated by erogenous zones). At you if are radiated, it is not enough.    
That that on the earth names chakras on scientific have such definition. These are mental or field "volts" (or in sorcery - needles). As volt - is called the mental needle, it in sorcery is modelled by means of a usual sewing or any original needle stuck in a photo or a figure.
 In the given drawings (the aura of the baby and the main charkas) are shown practically all volts your body. All of you are punched (in a forehead, in a cinciput, in a nape, in a breast, a solar plexus, in a neck etc.). By means of these volt at you carry away vital energy. The only thing to that have learnt on the earth it to clean charkas. Charkas very strongly dirty after a dream if you not "have digested" all (read about a dream). Volta lead to any diseases (in heart to a heart attack, in a cinciput to a stroke, in a breast to a paranoia, in a stomach to colitis etc.) are very dangerous volts at night (in the afternoon the person moves, it is difficult to get to it.)
In general if there is a desire and professionalism it is possible to kill or cripple. I have written about volt a little, (general idea) because fairly to tell it secrets and is not known in what hands this letter can get. It on yours so to say understanding of "a force nayward», or knowledge of "Nekronomik" - books dead.