And now about radioactive prison.

   The planet the Earth is radioactive prison. (Not the most bad because the Sun a soft star), i.e. all biological organisms are "naturally radioactive. The situation since 40th years, i.e. creations of a nuclear bomb and the beginning and developments of nuclear power and also science occurrence  radiochemistry was very seriously traced. It proves the UFO considerable quantity and as attempts under suppress earth dwellers, and the most important thing whatever who has not understood that radioactive isotopes in a human body, animals etc. should not be. Any researches in this area were considerably and imperceptibly spent under the sensitive control of aliens. And they will come soon behind the nuclear weapon which you have done during cold war and a nuclear psychosis. I represent how many it is possible to destroy or keep in awe planets (!). When did not think of such situation?! And as they very much like superregenerative reactors on manufacture of weapon plutonium (they these objects will try to take whole and safe).