About to drieds, At-to-plough and protoplasm.
 In Sorcery the concept "Has drieds" (Further it is simple Has drieds) means an attachment and to object of other objects
Material and Non-material character. In general many programmno-medical damage, Which "walk" on a planet the Earth have type Has drieds in particular - At-to-plough (Non-material).
More in detail in general about Has drieds:
Particularly medical - Infectious diseases, warts, Tumours (including cancer), etc.
Spiritual - An attachment various essence, basically demons and "dead" ovules - Most The extended and unpleasant Has drieds which strike blow basically To health, spoil mood and send damage. Is shorter At all can spoil a life and health. Many people go to church only Only with one purpose - to get rid of demons as demons temples avoid can Simply "fall off" in a temple A body (they do not like The lighted candles at images, silence and cleanliness). Therefore when put To somebody candles put And постойте while half of candle will burn through At least. It is very useful for a lucidity of mind.
Program (codes)- At-to-plough, micro  and mini  zombes, various code suspension brackets. All you will not describe in Two words. Zomb - to name concrete zomb Has drieds it is possible only as a first approximation (It to such degree the program which has grown into object that it is difficult to disassemble where Your codes and where zomb - the object assorts nothing but visually it Is well visible on eyes and behaviour)
Objective Is Objects surrounding you (people, animal, devices in particular "beetles") which Irritate you, паразитят on you etc. the Best doctor on this business the psychologist and The psychotherapist - is its direct duty.
 In general Theoretically speaking to get rid Of any Has drieds, it is necessary to get rid at first of indifference to it, i.e. as though On new to realise that this such and only then to develop to it immunity. We as a rule search for panacea from illness, and that for illness we do not want even The nobility. Somebody has relieved from Has drieds, and
As, it is not interesting to us by time At any cost, are ready on all. In general brains too should follow progress and Purely consumer relation to anything good will spend. I.e. after Removals присухи there is a dangerous indifference to it that in the future can Lead to return Has drieds, i.e. the conclusion - illness will bear chronic Character.
 I also wish to concern One of a kind Has drieds - Albuminous At-to-plough (which as well as zombis Has drieds to name difficult) further is simple "protein At-to-plough" It is most widespread of Program Has drieds because on it it is possible to earn the big money (Sins).
Б.п. (The code-programka, Aimed on "To loading" albuminous synthesis of a cage), exists in Various kinds and configurations, depending on that it is necessary To make. For example to produce monsters or to improve productivity The agricultural Cultures, whether to create the biological weapon or to accelerate growth of clones.
 It becomes easier Speaking so, in a code of synthesis of fiber becomes program "hang up" and Using subspaces fiber synthesis "is loaded on synthesis still Any fiber not necessarily homogeneous. It also depends on that, What into you are loaded indifference. All it is not simple, it is necessary in perfection The nobility the physics and programming. The code is usually duplicated from damages of the ovule  or received by gene engineering. Б items still name At-to-plough An organic life also do it often in a silent way, secretly but it is reliable. In general "protein At-to-plough". It is considered the most bad program parasitism because causes Weakness, depression and presenilation of a skin, bodies and in final The account of all organism. The active life"Gets", and you still have only An old age with its illnesses...
 I precisely not can Take-whether tell from you protoplasm (protoplasm is blood of soul), потомучто if took
You so well did not live. When take away protoplasm the person starts to grow thin quickly though biological Analyses can be normal and they will deteriorate at the last minute, is shorter Before death. Protoplasm loss happens after heavy infectious Diseases and diseases endocrine systems, and also after stresses and damages (!), at Sportsmen at overloads and repressure and irradiations the big doses Radiation and a long diet directed on growing thin.
 Protoplasm loss Can be liquidated a high-grade food and complexes of vitamins with Microcells, and also moderate doses of alcohol (especially young wine And fresh beer).
 Protoplasm loss Can be such that there will be one sincere skeleton (it is expressed in Sharp falling of weight and flabbiness of a skin). Such happens at "needle" blows and Deep surgical interventions. Vitamino-mineral therapy should Be in such cases constant and long (a minimum half a year). And also reception Tinctures of a ginseng and courses of injections a preparation "FIBS". In food meat, fish and vegetables is obligatory .
  To balance Protoplasm it is possible a method of power information therapy.