About thoughts and short circuits.
  "Duma" (Further simply thought) in sorcery is called united as the purpose Processing of the information by soul and spirit particles. The Dumas happen conscious (when You about plagues think) and subconscious (such thoughts go in a background mode).
 Conscious Thoughts - happen useful and harmful.
Useful conscious thoughts (UCT) it simply your thoughts abstract and not Abstract, everyones вообщем.
Harmful conscious thoughts (HCT) happen at mental diseases and also At field short circuits (field blows causing short circuits in neuroglions) or Simply at failures in work of a brain caused by various factors. Short circuits well act in film valerian and there is an assumption that in  Hard times the part of people has left in dense woods and that has escaped and drank By tea from roots валерианы and other grasses.
Subconscious useful thoughts (SUT) - can be:  
    Natural (NSUT) are very important (!) - for example thoughts of a dream, the food analysis, development of antibodies and temperature adjustment etc. They on a straight line are responsible for integrity of an organism its survival rate, adaptation and ability to be improved. They primary in relation to conscious thoughts. Without them    there would be no also conscious thoughts.
  Artificial (ASUT) for example when go to achieve supernatural abilities from object, (the protogenic nature not nevertheless can create) for example supersensual perception, подпространственный the analysis or the decision of any especial problems. The basis of thoughts basically in яйцеклетку is loaded, then cause its fertilisation and the child carefully watch before puberty as is on friendly terms smothering with unnatural abilities. Not always experiment happens successful (mentality frustration, endocrine systems etc. are possible). Therefore children resolve when are assured that there will be no hereditary illnesses and ugliness.
Subconscious harmful thoughts (SHT) - can be:
    Natural (NSHT), caused by harmful factors of an environment and the organism damages, often leading to a serious illness (especially mentalities and endocrine systems).
    Artificial (ASHT), caused "zombic" and "pripachkami" on which I also wish pay attention ИПВД can to join from the moment of conception (т.е to soul settlement) and to exist all life to the death, i.e. imperceptibly to work in a background mode and to carry out problems concern basically health, only not him and other object (turn-key) about which you can not guess at all. That
I think at you and is, here such here paradox (!). In general pripachki are a version psychological технотеррора at times well disguised and thought over in difference from active psychological технотеррора named psi-war.
  The Dumas can be pseudo-animated (such kind of thoughts), so-called "demons" of thought and a field. I.e. a thought not abstract, but objective (as object in programming (!) In the form of an information picture), meaning its qualities on which the effect of a dual personality is based. Such sensation that someone lives in a head, speaks, imposes actions and thoughts. Very unpleasant piece and присуха, at times is more unpleasant pripachki because can constantly irritate. To get rid of such thought it is necessary to get rid at first of indifference to it, i.e. as a first approximation to understand that this such and to have a drink neuroleptic (I recommend sonopax). It is useful to distract from daily affairs (to take vacation, some days of rest). Productive leisure (discos, banquets with dances, sex with moderate binge) well helps. All it is very useful. Yes, the system of "small" holidays well helps - small banquets, picnics, feasts which can it will be possible better, than the big corporate parties with the big financial expenses.
   Conclusion: you "pripachki" with what races about which you at all do not know that and do not guess at all because do not know exact analyses of blood (the relative normal analysis of blood), time of a real life (age of the planet Land short), i.e. live in a relative condition accepted for the absolute. I by the way only cover with knowledge, so to say a sight from outside iceberg top, and that under water is a secret covered with a gloom. And to solve it not under force to one me, the sick invalid with termless group of physical inability. I if fairly to tell навоевался and was won also such course of life to you I do not wish, but I consider that I have lived a life knowingly. Can be leaning against my knowledge you will make the knowledge and opening! By the way attempt to learn such things is connected with the big dangers and at first I was surprised that the year is still live on having practiced withcraft approximately, ones and a half at me psychological immunity was developed. Knowledge alternated with magical dismantlings and wars (self-defence combined with a strongly pronounced emotionality and words from local folklore).
 I did not think at this time why such life at me, and having understood subconsciously something, rescued the bum as could (I knew more few and have recollected, but have worked a self-preservation instinct)
                                                                                                             Valery Golubev...