I consider what to hide information which I will state more low is not present sense if at all it is not dangerous. I   Itself, what that by miracle has survived, though my health is fairly shabby. That is written more low  Will seem to you rather strange, and can you will count me abnormal or mad, think as want, I especially and do not count on understanding, but after sending of these letters I as though will finish mission of this life and if with me something to happen I I will try to go to a better world easy.

1) In a head at you "The minizomby" (and also at all  biological  organisms   of the Earth,    including plants and insects). The person zomb has symmetrically, opposite  «the forward made a hole substance» brain (basis) through    which all brain and an organism as a whole copes.

2) In a head  at  you   radioactive  «The program» (you are radioactive C14, K40, H3    and    other   radioactive   elements     approximately  3000-5000 and more disintegrations in a second). The isotope analysis of substances arriving in an    organism and deduced of it is broken    . At splitting C14, K40  electrons nuclear reaction to high energy penetrate an organism, causing destructions and ionisation of atoms and a cage in which there was a nuclear reaction need to be destroyed only (as do leukocytes are their paramount problem, minor  antigenes, poisons, toxins).

At normal organisms at  suction   food  and   water       radioactive  isotopes   are not soaked up by a stomach            ,  and if   radioactive  isotopes are soaked up that after  food splitting     deduced  through   kidneys. And think that in bones and chromosomes radioactive carbon what you  will draw a conclusion (at all such, it is not dangerous to health), and meanwhile even the small radioactive internal background leads to any diseases
(In particular at ageing blood not such active and the probability of a cancer increases several times), and the radioactive fear is a reliable way of management of you. It at you is connected in feelings and emotions and you at times do not know that are afraid At understanding of a situation (i.e. that you are radioactive) you can capture radioactive horror and a hopelessness presentiment because it is necessary  to stir all organism on a subject not nuclear reaction, and to presence   of radioactive isotopes, and they at you already at a birth everywhere, i.e. protective functions of an organism will need to destroy almost all cages of an organism and to create new that is almost impossible.      
     Dinosaurs at all were not are radioactive also a radio carbon method to them does not approach (therefore on "scientific" they lived millions years ago). You at all do not hear splitting "whistle" (more truly from time to time hear but do not understand), at the best you convince yourselves that are not afraid of radiation if at all it feel.
 3) In the Bermudas triangle under water the car (there is a suspicion that them a    little which are located in various parts of a planet) which you name "God". She watches you and  knows about you very many and   that you do not know about yourselves can also   . (It  has a special  mental    radiator  and the   receiver, technology   of communication the  client-server a   server "God", clients "you". Carries out different functions: "considers" the future,   traces    "souls", collects any information)
4) At you on everyone in a head costs a mental radiator and your placing knows the car without  cellular  to communication   and  if   you   have to  be found or destroyed    , this problem very much not difficult, but the life for you turns out only game and you in it uncomplaining actors,       whether and  costs  to you  for murmur that on you at first will look you are dangerous (such very little) and if are dangerous that usually completely isolate and try to destroy moral, physical and
    Psychological methods (usually it turns out).
   On the car it is possible to come in the mental way. That for this purpose it is necessary:
   The Knowledge of assemblers, is desirable several i.e. perfectly to understand as works the computer.
  Concept about the information-power theory of the real world.
        (At least that that the matter is energy united by the information).
  Knowledge of sorcery (at least on an average level)
  Further such mental training. Present in imagination the terminal, the monitor with DOS, or window WINDOWS with the work invitation (is better   "point" or any other sign) try to be trained on the simple.
  Try to enter any commands (DIR, CLOSE, CD etc. in general practice). At once it can not turn out for it is necessary to understand that there is an imagination, and that work with car at mental level.
  Once there will be an understanding that you really work with car (it is very clear can will appear at hackers).     Costs to you will accustom a little, you at once will start to "kill" with probability of 90 %, therefore before beginning such training think, whether it is necessary to do it for it is life-threatening.
 (I have almost debugged this method, it was 9 years ago. If it is interesting to you as I lived and that did these 9 years communicate with me)      
5) At all   completely accursed a  network   of air defence of a planet the Earth,  and practically is not felt a prewartime though "they" should come already  so    each minute if any more late is important  . (Now a condition of full uncertainty)
6) "They" completely supervise power structures and know  all their secrets though they about   it and   do not suspect and  if  guess  are afraid and prefer  to be engaged in terrestrial affairs (a mafia, terror etc.). To explain that or about a reality of things with. With. Or to publish in a press the facts and   assumptions  of slavery   of a planet the Earth (the ancient name-phaeton)  it is very difficult. Blows on memory (wake up in the morning and    remember nothing  , it is good if helps pirazetam) begin      , feel    is broken,  it is given,   chronic illnesses can become aggravated.
     At this time it is good to have a drink polyvitamins with microcells. (duovit, oligovit, complivit and other)  If it is badly slept, the valerian well helps.
 7) you a little or at all do not know that such a subspace (them a little: giper, delta, mega and giga - a subspace), and to dependence on that where and with what speed needs to move (on the next planet, a star or a galaxy) use one of them, all  rests against power  possibilities and expediency.
 8) the Best your prophets and prophets foretell only that is authorised or is already predicted.