About the Armageddon and the strengthened areas.
 Pay attention to Mars and Venus. Earlier it were populated planets, and now I find it difficult to answer, whether it is possible to revive a life on these planets. Even it is difficult to present that on them occurred, after such wars and a tryn-grass you will not sow. I feel these planets and terribly to become. In general I feel this world and has paid attention here on what. Studying wars passing on the Earth I has paid attention that you fight very severely. In you the healthy fanaticism is potentially put not, harmony of chaos and an order in you in a simple way is broken that is strongly reflected in a public life. And frankly speaking, there is a suspicion that all of you live on feed, i.e. a beret from others spaces.
 Concerning space intrusion also would like to note here that. Pay attention to the Second World War beginning. As German nazis and the Japanese militarists cleverly were at war. At an attack to the USSR all frontier aircraft that has provided on 90 % success the war beginning has been destroyed. Armies were on a march to border and practically all have been destroyed by German aircraft. You tell again I force conditions, I excite a society. But I will note very interesting fact. After Japanese too have unexpectedly attacked the Pearl-habror, than have provided success of the beginning of war on Pacific ocean. Involuntarily there is a question, Americans that did not know, how Germans have attacked the USSR. Probably knew, but have understood nothing and have not undertaken. At you that that with a self-preservation instinct. Mine to you council, leave at the clear night on street and properly peer and scent stars, space. Do not think that at stars who does not live. Among you can be there will be individuals capable well to feel without a radar and telescopes though also it too is important.
 Game goes for a long time va-bank, i.e. that who will attack a planet knows about you more you and all of you something hide from each other (plus to all at you all cards are opened and at them are closed and hidden). I not especially count on understanding, but I will concern very important things.
 1) the Dominant role at intrusion will is given to the strengthened areas, i.e. to the central military districts.
 2) Protect military bases and aircraft and the ships, as much as possible use air defence (!).
 3) do not count on a satellite communication, it at you will not be.
 4) Put tactical nuclear attacks of type the earth-air in places of a congestion    of attack planes (they will concentrate round cities)
 5) Destroy the landing ships, and mobile teleports.       
 6) Not in which case let's develop and open mobile teleports (!), destroy them at once.
 7) I do not think that inefficiently, simply you do not know the weapon of Earth dwellers, how  it effectively to use during intrusion, try to frighten them, can at you it will turn out. Count more on the professionalism than heroism.
 8) Be reserved by more rocket air defence, as much as possible more. Protect aircraft, use it basically for investigation and in critical situations. The antiaircraft pushechno-rocket complex "Tunguska-M" and the similar weapon is very good.
 9) Special attention give to strong points, and very well think of cleanliness of the numbers and whether there is no fifth column.
10) In general not bad to mine nearest space nuclear charges, to create space mines, ("they" of it why that to be afraid) i.e. to start companions with nuclear charges onboard, but it is an emergency variant because at explosion in space of the nuclear bombs, many communication satellites will fail .
11) Who as monuments builds nuclear reactors?!. Same the fine purpose from space!
     Nuclear reactors are under construction underground (reactors very well will approach that on nuclear submarines - compact and reliable). Them it is desirable will construct not in the distance from big cities and on depth not less than 500 metres (is deeper In general) and to make these objects completely independent with a decent stock of nuclear fuel, let quietly work. If communications are destroyed, it is possible to restore them and reactors to load on full (plutonium that after conversion from warheads remained with you - will suffice at least for hundred years).
It is desirable to construct mobile atomic power stations (in the big cars - there were at you such projects!) they are convenient for moving if necessary.