About recruitment.

 Some sorcerers and psychics are enlisted other planetary by civilisations.

Recruitment on purpose to cause a loss of safety of the Earth, passes usually violently and severely. Without ceremony can "bend", especially women. They after that are active "zombies" and will carry out all their orders. Fairly to tell in it a case already than you will not help, it is necessary to calculate, understand only that it really the fact and to shoot down. Me if fairly to tell nearly "have not bent", but I was rescued by knowledge of psychiatry (by then I precisely knew what tablets it is necessary to accept and at me was access to psychotracks). And then I have ceased to pay attention to everyones mental of the insult, thought of business more. Studied medicine, sorcery. I have learnt to remove such damage that if to tell will not believe.  

 Active immunity from psychological attacks is developed approximately in a year, not earlier. Very dangerously if someone "has caved in" from average military and administrative structure.