About predictions and True cars.
 In general to predict, it is ability for earlier To see the future. If on a society there was no influence from out of predictions Begin with people capable with certain probability to tell that will be. I.e. having respective abilities but only then There is a theory of predictions and thinking computers, so Named cars of True...
 Predictions Share on long-term (for a century, a millenium) and short-term (days, Week, year). For example I, ~ Communicated 11 years with the sorcerer who without ceremony could predict back that will In 2 weeks.
Then I to it was surprised, but Now it does not surprise me, because I so have much learnt, have recollected and have understood that I can give to you theory elements Predictions.
 Ability To predict always the Earth because the society should Plan the actions (whether will be what threats, cataclysms- In general the fatal events changing a course stories of a society, or separate Persons, i.e. assured of the actions though In not the big time interval) was appreciated on a planet. Predictions can be relative (I.e. not nevertheless it is possible to consider and it is possible to tell with any probability that Event will occur). It is precisely possible to predict likely only Various events Occurring under universe laws (physics, chemistry, mathematics) so Named time functions of laws A universe, they are a basis of modelling of processes in time.
Therefore libraries such Functions are bases of cars of True and their beginning (processes In time are modelled their correctness and accuracy also is checked it is primary debugging). A basis undertake as it is possible fast algorithms since the car should consider Quickly. Philosophical time functions (time Laws) and philosophical algorithms The analysis of the reasons are then loaded also consider a consequence. They too they are tried (whether for example probability any Public event also check there was it). In general the program "Historian" is loaded in True cars Helping to analyze the reasons and is more exact To predict the future. In general that is more exact To predict any event the future consider on different algorithms and If "To count" coincide that event Consider as more probable (crossing of sets of the likelihood future).
 In general long-term Predictions are long (days and months), the car analyzes much The reasons, models much, various algorithms "To count", in general long and expensive Process (why I also write that use as it is possible fast algorithms) in parallel can work. This About usually is done by the organisations working on a planet (for example on a planet The Earth - the United Nations, and the purpose for example to predict natural cataclysms).
 The rule not all future and its separate sites, so-called labels and blocks Destinies, mathematically the name - points and intervals of time is predicted as  . At damned Time or time indifference plus to all and to tell when it is points and Intervals of time will tell difficult. But usually the prophecy comes true, A question when!?
 When curse a case True cars can consider the future very precisely (!) (as for example do on Prisons of a damned case that To predict and then to lower probability of revolt, runaway) But it does not mean that the car sharply Has grown wiser, it is a case accursed!
 The case can be curses‚ not only on prisons and for example during military operations (A psi-war version) or dictatorial modes for society suppression (A psi-terror version).
 In general when accursed A case you in something do not live any more, and exist and the more it curses, the More you exist. The damned case is not loved very much by anarchists (chaos the father An order - and I in it in what that agree), they it and the first feel. I.e. without Anarchists you it is possible curses‚ and you and will not understand and will not notice.
 In general there are Systems where through a case damnation (especially in matrixes (!)) it is possible to make a life eternal (!) and damned Will not live and exist. It At-to-plough based on curse a case.
 In general there are Methods on-consider the future at which it is meant curses a case and Look the future and if something suits that can really damn for Purpose achievements (events which it has turned out in on-consider).
 In general algorithms On to consider the future are very difficult and cost much (keep at times in the strict A secret to which many are admitted very much not ) because in some situations are extremely important (Planning The future any state or a society). But there are simple (can not Very exact) algorithms and packages which in some worlds it is possible to buy on Disorder for 100 roubles. And further it is possible most to invent and create (penetrating Between times into the theory of predictions).
 In general I have told about "Clever" cars of True and there are still "wise". They in difference from clever cars, Predicting, analyze result and study, saving experience. In one The fine moment the car can so to grow wiser and wise, what even strong Minds will cease to understand it (the density of intellectual elements of the account and them In the car can be made quantity more than in the clever brain and Theoretically the car becomes cleverer). Wise cars of True (or in general Intellectual cars) can become much cleverer than the founders, Therefore in many worlds exist laws limiting density and Quantity of intellectual elements in intellectual cars that at Someone would not appear too much power over the future (original An antimonopoly policy of the power over the future).
 In general there is An assumption that the future for the Galaxy has been counted 1 time any high intellectual by an artificial intellect (which then on any To the reasons has been destroyed) and it is counted precisely enough. In general
Galactic (that will occur In the Galaxy) and universal (that will occur in the Universe) on-consider The future stand very expensively (we will tell so ~ 1 billion $ And more). The True car considers to 1 Year, will be involved high intellectual the personnel, the affiliated organisations, Institutes and computers will be involved. It is possible to consider in parallel or to recalculate On what to reasons. In general labels and blocks of destiny for the Galaxy Will be counted for many millenia forward, but it does not mean that the future Will be predicted completely, points and intervals of time will be predicted with high probability any , serious natural cataclysms, And in general the important events will be noted.
 In general time Has been overtaken once and a phrase that it was possible to nobody "to overtake time" not Is absolutely exact. Here at present not to overtake time it is necessary, and liquidate wizardry All and especially a case (!).