About orthodox church.

 You probably many think that I Antihrist, you are not right a little. I most likely am similar to «the fifth element» though sense of an anti-cross I understand. In general in this world much is predetermined and to change it extremely difficult. I will simply explain all to you, and you solve that the truth and that is not present and where true and that such true in an ultimate authority (by the way the truth it not true).
I will tell a little about icons or is more exact icons (so they really are called, they are similar to labels Windows)
Icons or icons it is labels of programs which were loaded to your ancestors by the ground and are descended to you:
1. An icon "Jesus Christ":   Very much an interesting icon. This program forms at you a mental yoke and you pray to an icon, i.e. Icon Jesus Christ - a mental yoke...agree with a mental yoke. I write transfer with old slavic in the book located in the right bottom corner.
«Come all suffering and grieved and I will calm you, take my yoke on myself and learn in me as you are mild». I.e. you agree with a basis, zombys, programs zomby. the Autism basically speaks this program. When you strongly "load" have a drink pirazetam since morning in a place with strong sweet tea or coffee. Very well helps sonapax, accepted in a small dosage for the night.        






     Label for the program       
        «A mental yoke»            

To remove a spell from this icon, it is necessary to buy its face of a format approximately Рђ4. Further to take an ordinary but qualitative paraffin candle to cut it on 3 parts, i.e. to make 3 candles in the size on 4-5 see to Make for them supports (for example lids from under polyvitamins).Place a face on a table  and to put candles on a yoke where letters W are located, O, N and switch off light. Sit easy before a face candles will not burn through yet. Better remedies for headache are not present, such method well helps from against dregs brains, and removes to 90 % head damage.

2. An icon of "Semistrelnaja"
Too very interesting icon. And it the chest volt of 7 needles, or volt in a solar plexus is drawn. It is very unpleasant volt which causes chest melancholy, and in an active mode a chest paranoia and can lead to serious consequences for mentality (the person rushes about on a premise, cannot find any peace, constantly complains on ache in a breast and if it not render correctly psychiatric help it can to go mad). In these cases the energizer well helps with small dosages amitriptiliny and conapax.
Icon of Semistrelnaja - female chest volt of 7 needles...
Label for the program "Semistrelnaja"
Or female chest volt of 7 arrows.
To remove such volt it is necessary to make also 3 candles (look above)
To take such face (it is desirable paper) and to thrust one needles in a solar plexus "Semistrelnoj" (in a place where 7 arrows) converge as they are specified on a face. To put a face on a table, to light candles from the right, at the left and from above from a face. Sit easy, relax and try there is nothing not to think, while candles burn. Do not force itself. If it would be desirable in a toilet or to smoke that descend (candles it is not necessary to extinguish). By means of this method you can pull out needles from "Semistrelnoj", and receive a rank «the divine person».Breast a paranoia is caused basically by this программой. It is possible to try to make it some times with an interval of 2-5 days. Removal of this damage well helps women.
Sacrificial cross... 
- In a head at you "the Cross" program - a sacrificial cross is loaded and you is strong are connected to this cross, and one similar dagger was a label for the program which have loaded into a head to your ancestors by the ground. Sacrificial crosses happen different. You are violently charmed to one of the most bad sacrificial crosses, plus to all it is bewitched.
Mine to you council look attentively who on a cross and if make out which-chivo, much will understand. A cross To remove a spell as three candles.
3. An icon «Fyodorovsky Divine Mater»  
 (Not the virgin and divine Mother - the big difference)
 Or an icon for the program   «Russian antiquity»
Icon Fyodorovsky divine mother...
This icon is called as wonder-working. On it all Russian antiquity and if you before it put candles at you literally words it is easier to become on a shower. You "communicating" with it can learn much about Russian antiquity, and strongly treat the soul. To remove a spell from this icon not simply.
To removed a spell same as well as in "Semistrelnoj". Pay attention, where it is necessary to stick needles (on a face they are visible in the form of small points). Putting candles at the thrust needles, and meditating you as though take out these needles from the Divine mother and as simultaneously treat itself.







The most important icon «Neopolimaja kupina».

     Icon of Neopolimaja Kupina - angels, archangels...                                                                                                                                                                


On it 8 angels (an angel of health – the reason, an angel of health – a consequence, an angel of love, an angel of the weapon, an angel of memory, an angel of feelings, an angel of mind and an angel of energy) and 6 archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Daniel (with Casket), Matvej (with a bird), Andrey and Rafail) are drawn