About newcomers, aliens and about you.

  "Red" - 450 ships, "Black" - 150 ships (special division), "Steel" - 2000 ships (4 brigades on 500 ships), 54 ships of technical services (SVCH, the ultrasound, an infrasound - they is hanged over cities and at all is "very strong" to be ill a head).
  The time analysis of the future is very problematic and when space intrusion will foretell difficult that it it will be exact, now "prewartime". Calculation is very simple a blitz-war suppression of air defence, tracking and communication companions, psychological pressure on supervising the military man and  administrative personnel on purpose to suppression of their activity of return  of correct orders and orders, a panic and confusion, for 10 days will be won the air superiority (you represent that such a  space  attack plane and as it dives from space on the set purposes) and in a current of month there will be they are suppressed separate not numerous centres of resistance.
  In a captivity it is better to you not to surrender, and kill itself very few people from you can, as on many beliefs suicide the heavy a crime. That with you will do, I know, but I do not wish you to frighten.  
  People in cities will suffer the day, two and will escape in village, in woods, and "they" will live in cities. And who will not sustain and will return, will be at them "their" slaves. From all your bravado there will be no also a trace, and from boldness one name. You simply do not know, or badly know that such present mental and a war of nerves. Do not count on the help, probability of arrival of not numerous friends of ~1 %, so-called "titans" but at them and without earth dwellers of full problems.
 On the Earth of newcomers of 20 % (wanderers, after star wars etc.).
      It is a little about that on the Earth to you anybody will not tell. About conception and a birth.
      After conception 1 trimester is formed a fruit. Lodges on yours "smothering" further. Local "souls" can lodge   
      Voluntary (ellyn, atlanta and others) that you will not tell about newcomers (wanderers, after star wars or ny dismantlings). Them basically lodge violently.
      The second trimester - association of a fruit with "soul".
      The third trimester - final formation of the child.
       Conception contains the violence press. (In a head at women ovules the conclusion program is loaded into a uterus and
        Fertilisations (mios)). The mitosis occurs for 2.7 months after conception of a female fruit (the end of the first trimester)
       When gonads are filled to a floor ripened ovules. The soul lodges after. Thus "smothering" practically
           Does not influence chromosomes ovules and as "soul" knows about a fruit in which it settle a little (I do not know as more precisely to tell, and for all life seldom who thinks of it, only before the death something occurs)
.   healthy normal people have only from a   great happiness, and desires to have children and    
   Also from damage so they should be absent and during time ejaculations it is allocated only prostatuesque juice.
  (Probability of conception about 0 %) On the Earth in a transition period at boys, semen having appeared,
     Are present always throughout a life and disappear only in connection with illness, an old age or death.
  Further about a dream. (Very important)
 In the sleep the semantic block joins "is digested", sawtooth schedules.
You transform in rubbish-plant, digest children hell, "sky" both any mental and astral waste. And between times in a paradoxical dream from you take away "luxury", and muscular twitchings it not that other, as orgasm in imagination. 3-4 paradoxical dreams for a night 3-4 times have taken away sex. The Earth turns, someone sleeps.
 Pay attention as a little in a society "blue", they are a so-called sexual minority, meanwhile, when in aura of a planet there is no "blue" it sharply reduces security of a society, the thought warehouse and if in a society there is an antipathy varies not in the correct party and contempt to "blue" it is even worse can lead in the near future to full degradation of a society if there are no feeds.    
     Meanwhile companions men The earths, all of you on genes "blue".
I explain why. The woman, at conception of the child gives only "a female" chromosome, it depends the man "man's" and "female".
  Variants turn out:                               
   And should be: