About hallucinations and images.
  In general being engaged in sorcery it is necessary to understand well that there is a hallucination, and That an image.
As hallucination is called the information delirium (from damages, overloads, lack of sleep, an overheat etc.).
If to be expressed technically, the hallucination visual, acoustical or Olfactory happens because of mental frustration of an organism.
It happens because of:
Poisonings with any chemistry (poisons, gases) or at reception Hallucinogens (in particular the broth of a fly agaric correctly prepared that Not to poison).
Head injuries (contusions, brain concussions etc.)
At reception of considerable doses raising psihotropov and alcohol.
From overloads intellectual and physical - lack of sleep, defective A food (especially at a  lack of vitamins of group)
Electromagnetic influences (fields of the big intensity, the psi-weapon)
And from many factors all you will not list.
Hallucinations happen easy and strongly pronounced. At lungs hallucination especially It is not necessary to be afraid. It is necessary to have a drink polyvitamins with microcells, it is high-grade To eat and not to accept the big doses of alcohol. If that it is better To have a drink a bad dream of soporific and to try to cure it, for good appetite and healthy A dream a sign of good health.
At strongly pronounced hallucinations there's nothing to be done, treatment and Probably psychiatric or neurologic hospital is necessary .
I had hallucinations once and good in it anything is not present, I to be fallen down amitriptilin and sanopax being treated itself (to that-that it is better not To speak it to doctors will put in sharp branch or will appoint the big doses neuroleptic). And when has started to take vitamins with microcells that they at Me have passed at all. I.e. before being engaged in seriously sorcery I Perfectly understood that this such.
 But conducting (at meditations, ceremonies or at any mental Training) it absolutely another and when I have started something to see mentally to me Different spirits very much wished to inspire that it is hallucinations and even when I Hear them and I see it too hallucinations, but to deceive me was not so simply, I The beginnings seriously to study the mental world. Mental visions happen at reception Psychotropic substances if correctly to choose a dosage. By the way earlier tobacco Was very strong (there were now any grades of tobacco) and it is constant People possessing a sound health smoked only it smoked basically as Means for images (nicotine has mental an effect on a brain). I Against tobacco have nothing (itself with pleasure I smoke the Belamor-channel Petersburg). Likely time twenty Also gave up smoking (did not smoke on a year and more), But now simply desires are not present where still you you will smoke such good to tobacco though And radioactive. Visions can be different (past and event events The future, vision various essence everyone sees on the). Drugs Also can cause images I very strong, But their reception causes accustoming and mentality destruction. By the way at reception Some drugs you leave a psi-reality and return in it any more It would be desirable, but these are instants for which it is necessary to pay dearly, and after There is only a melancholy and . Therefore if wish to accept something Psychotropic there is an alcohol and tobacco (!).