About generations.
  Here present Such situation, lived there lived people, a grief did not know also serious damage in a head at Them was not. But took them someone and has damned (the spaceship has arrived- Has stayed in an orbit, yes as has charged machine damage, was still twisted Round a planet a little also has disappeared). People of special alarm under this account have not shown The head was ill and has passed, but they have not understood an essence - that it it has made it, in Something itself have convinced and began to live further. It tablets to have a drink yes tinctures from Grasses, yes children not to have years at least five so they continued  To rejoice lives but at them any strange children, not Similar to them were born. Changes have thought, can to the best. About the beginning it in any way Especially did not show itself, but has shown then. First they were sillier than the Parents (something was not transferred by the nature of), secondly is more aggressive. But have understood The reason probably only under an old age, but was already late.
  The generation Has been differentiated, and the belief integration Has been loaded to children - the elementary mathematical model "all is normal" - on Scientific model of relative rest. Through such method it is possible to create rubbish-plants and dustbins. It can outwardly not be shown in any way, only it becomes heavier To live, deterioration of bodies increases. It is possible to differentiate simply, Without any integration. For example exhibitor or a sinusoid. (ex) ' =ex and sin (x) ' "' = sin (x), cos '"' (x) =cos (x) - functions will turn out the same, but it is possible to take away Energy. Practically it will come to light in the form of irritation (something Irritates, but that is not clear) and will not understand yet with an applied part Elementary functions (the circle, a ring, a wave, an exhibitor) damage will not descend (Such damage do not descend).
 So the life In a psi-reality, mathematical model of existence of individuals has begun. Realities it is a lot of models - at you the elementary but the most forbidden in many The worlds model - psi. The Differential could descend itself during a life, but children got early (i.e. From the differentiated parents), and it not only has remained. Has then worked one more At-to-plough, parents have started To differentiate the children - At-to-plough spermatozoid and  ovules. In Generations it has begun amplified and mathematically accrued.  y ' "'''''''''' - how many strokes, are so much and Generations. In this model of that only it is not possible to do - and to take energy And a sexual high, to do dustbins, mental prisons and the most important thing To do damage and to damn. This model is loved by disposable clones and witches. They Here expanse can take cover from punishment and to receive medical treatment on pure air and Much parasite - after all their affairs understand not many, but also those are silent. But a lack of this model of that and Why it is forbidden in many worlds this damage of health and degradation of the person and in The final account society degradation - if is not present what feeds. And Feeds that this model existed are necessary serious, it is feed "Souls"of their other worlds, i.e. one of the most criminal feeds early or Late leading to death of a civilisation. To a congestion of set of problems and The reasons, on yours the Doomsday. This model Is primitive but very reliable. Usually use more difficult differentials But it is considerable smaller amplitude not to carry serious harm to health And a civilisation could live and exist without feeds (resolved At-to-plough).
 In this model many Can become angry and even the rich cannot find to themselves an entire happiness. Like As for money it is possible to buy all, and you will buy not that. Usually in this model to To something aspire, to money, knowledge, career, pleasures. In this model not You will find absolute rest - only relative. And if by an old age of years wisdom is unblocked Also the integrated belief (the note of the author will descend: wise it is necessary to be born, it is experience comes with Years, but at its birth it is not enough, or it damages - well as at you speak "That God has not given in shop will not buy") that many look back on lived A life and anything in it good and from lived do not see (pleasures were forgot and Was a little, and here sorrows are better be not to recollecting). And on "next world" already wait, To classify all life (is access to memory), yes to twist on To yours in "mortal and immortal sins". All right devils will help and to manage To receive medical treatment in a hell (with such damages Sharply it is impossible to come into a hell, it is possible To be damaged definitively and help with such cases can only the hell).  It is better to stay somewhere between the Sun and Merkuriem "it be ed" then can and The differentiation and the most important thing will descend it is necessary to try to restore Ability of "soul" to move in three-dimensional space and also in Subspaces, differently awake eternally to dangle in a vacuum.
 In general the model Psi-realities is calculated on one life. For one life from you can exhaust all Vital energy also will be any more to other lives and as after death Can immure "soul" in the earth or stones (are on the earth such damned Places).
 In a psi-reality from Natural spirits there can live only devils yes some demons yes underwater Spirits (at them has remained and there is an immunity). At some can what affairs who Can under the contract works (collect "dead souls", can whom again Lodge, watch conditions on a planet, collect any The information). Who can is constant lives. At you blocking in subconsciousness that You them did not see and did not notice. Occasionally demons what for come - I Do not know their affairs, and not especially I am curious.
 The psi-reality model Is calculated on a certain time interval (as a first approximation- A civilisation life) it is simple cannot eternally exist and theoretically and Practically. Simply there comes such moment for a civilisation when it is necessary To show capacity and to make the main decision with whom and where to move Further, differently it will simply destroy (in all will accuse, to felt the most bad Dust) and souls will immure deeply in the earth, then all will bury in oblivion and to New times. Then will occupy others which will not know anything about you and Probably do not learn. The main wheel of sorcery will do a new turn.