About black holes, quasars, pulsars and neutron stars.

As black hole is called   - an input in other world.
And a quasar                   - an exit from other world
I.e. from other world black gift is a quasar, and the quasar is a black hole.
Black holes happen artificial (for example, the simplified model - a teleport).    
To move, without flying, for example, from a planet on a planet.          
Neutron star                    - an input in other measurement.
Pulsar                              - an exit from other measurement.
 I.e. from other measurement the neutron star is a pulsar, and the pulsar is a neutron star.
 On a planet the Earth can be both natural, and artificial spatial anomalies. For example, in what that the thrown caves, mines, temples. Scent a planet on an example of spatial anomalies, can at local, it it to turn out better.
Understand that you in a psi-reality and that you name a fantasy, on 50 % was in this galaxy and on a planet the Earth.