About a tryn-grass

  As tryn-grass is called the grass, which the first is sowed on a planet. It happens different and depending on a surface of a planet, temperatures and maintenances of different gases in atmosphere choose more suitable. She creates turf, and enriches atmosphere oxygen. And that grass which turns green in the spring and is, the natural tryn-grass only it has passed various evolutionary changes. For example, for Mars the camel prickle at present can approach. Plant worms further (type rain) they loosen soil. In general create a blanket of soil suitable that it is possible to put and sow ordinary trees, bushes, flowers. The first the fauna is made usually by moles, mice and rabbits and right after they are better more than whom be not to lodging let will live years so 50 both will get accustomed and on study as the life develops. If will not die out, it is possible to lodge other fauna. There are planets where it is a lot of mountains and not enough water and consequently on them it is better to build the atmosphere processor, but it can turn out more expensively and air to turn out not such pure.