About a matrix.
The concept of "matrix" (further Simply matrix) very much is not simple. Analyzing the information from the Internet I Has understood that you understand external or as it is accepted to speak investigatory A matrix, and a causal matrix for you it is deeply hidden. To understand a causal matrix it is necessary to know well sorcery, medicine and Programming, to those not less I will try To explain popular scientific language to you that this such.
 First you should Understand that consist of two matters organic and we will tell so spiritually- Sincere (further spiritual). You have well studied an organic matter but a little Know about spiritual, and you consist of it (at you there is a blocking in Subconsciousness, you at all do not feel this matter). And so - the spiritual matter Consists of particles and they are united by certain philosophy and its infringements Lead any to sincere diseases. If To break this organisation at level of particles it will pour out in the infringement fact indifference an individual.
Infringements indifference An individual happens natural (under the influence of various factors, Causing oppression of mentality and especially at dream frustration (!)). The dream very much Is important for maintenance
Symbiosis of particles of soul and spirit And if this frustration long (more than week - the first stage of infringement To internal harmony) that in an any way it needs to receive medical treatment (it is necessary rest, vitamin therapy and also correct selection and appointment psychotropic Preparations). If not to restore a dream at this time that the second can come A stage which long to be treated and can be chronic. I.e. appear Internal indifference. And it a natural matrix which can Outgrow in the chronic form. The third stage Is characterised by serious frustration of mentality and information Is gone (hallucinations) and can lead to irreparable frustration of mentality. Start to grow spontaneously internal indifference that finally Can lead to a lethal outcome.
Depending on that what The stage depends also infringement of internal harmony and external indifference.
Internal matrixes happen not Only natural but also artificial (supervised), about Which I to you also wish to tell.
 In the previous heads I Mentioned about minizomby is one, and matrix splitting this another.
The code of matrix splitting Usually is present at each spiritual particle and starts to "be duplicated"
From the moment of conception when The organic matter of a fruit will be organised not, in abstraction the internal artificial file (as files in programming) is formed . The code can Lie in a passive condition and in active, causing various infringements Internal harmony, creation of the internal
безразличий and infringement External (in dependence what model). Outwardly it is visible basically in erased  
Frustration Mentalities (neurosises) and infringements of mental immunity of an individual (Predisposition to a narcotism and any development internal Defects and to strong increase of probability of a cancer (!)). A cancer by the way this consequence Infringements of internal harmony and occurrence Dangerous internal indifference, often based on psychological defects, namely An indifference phenomenon to itself.
 Codes matrix Splittings happen different in dependence what model internal indifference It is necessary to receive and usually is in ovule. Create it by gene Engineering and zombiing of women and causing generation ovules- So-called primary matrix ovule, then cause them Fertilisation. Matrix children who Duplicate a code in generations finally turn out.
So receive "Rigid Matrixes". At you the matrix "soft" also is received most likely after transformation Planets. I.e. damage most likely in an orbit has been induced there was a companion which Spoilt and damned a minimum of eyelids that generations were replaced, then it have cleaned and The matrix remained. Besides there was an inertia in genes that this companion all Flies, and can быль something and flies, only not from your matter (you do not have Devices for registration of such objects).
 In general at you the matrix Is expressed in the form of the erased neurosis. You at times do not understand, what for something Do, give in to defects, is small that consider these defects as the best Qualities of character. In general happen not in the mind, especially women, at them Plus to all the arrogance is still untwisted also.
 In general any Matrix splitting is wild damage on which basis it is possible to do still more Wild damage if only to have access to a code. It is possible even to do "integration Indifference" not simple area of a magical science in which can understand 0,01 % of the population. Though learn, though do not learn - it is necessary to have abilities (the understanding Such things demands knowledge of applied higher mathematics, philosophy, physics, Programming, medicine and other sciences). In general "Gods" understand such sciences on To yours.
In general integration Indifference at first miscalculate numerically on powerful computers, not Necessarily with an artificial intellect. Important not the nobility and to understand a principle.
 There are matrix Splittings which practically not probably to remove a demon of assistance and There are such
Which at all you will not remove. And You any strange matrix splitting well obscured and Counted on future, calculated in many respects on absence of knowledge Problems (i.e. shortage of knowledge,
Absence research Works in this direction, and the most important thing you are directed on creation damages,
Instead of on their liquidation i.e. Use a matrix - after all it so cool!) Anything in it abrupt is not present, and Free cheese happens in a mousetrap. By the way in a matrix cheese far not free And when you to it попользуйтесь the counter starts to tick - the debt which Leans basically against soul pledge. And to you sooner or later will remind of it A debt and it is necessary to give it.
 . That you have not removed This code there is a case blocking i.e. that someone casually has not understood A problem with it connected. Such blocking costs usually in prisons (type "beetle") to lower probability of revolt, runaway etc. (as whether it be protect Especially dangerous recidivists).
In general there is matrix A fruit splitting (it at you is at everything, i.e. in a fruit all is spread out on To shelves).
Here how much splitting Spiritual or sincere needs you to be solved. In general all it is bewitched and Is thought well over (better to say - not became one day, not one and Will act in film, if at all will act in film).
  In general much It is taken from radioactive prison. At you in a head a code, for work on uranium Mines (that did not feel fear before radiation, something can even It is thought over into the account longer survival rate in the conditions of raised radiation). But Here what business, minizomby practically at all Lives of a planet the Earth. I.e. it is possible To assume that the planet was exposed to transformation - was curse The analysis on isotopes for all florae and faunae!  
 In general with the help Matrixes, it is possible to load not only tasks lives concerning directly,
But also foreign problems (To use as the powerful highly effective computer).Короче on the simple
Something to "count", for example  The problems demanding a long operating time as the head is a lot of...
It is a lot of... Multiprocessing "Car" that it is possible to count the problems demanding multisequencings processes. In general it is a lot of in a head it is taken from cyborgs. Such sensation that you were under Cars, or to you something from cyborgs in a head loaded. In general in this world The one who was able to hide well survived, could make itself imperceptible for Enemies and their devices. Well covered wood instead of caves (!), but during winter time Year when it is possible with greater probability to mark not enough foliage not only Visually, but also devices. In cities all of you clearly, you it is possible easily To mark and even to count.
 In general if in a code Matrixes are a beacon and it works, you are easy for marking even on distance, and To draw your contour (it not absolutely infra-red radiation, it is a little Other power).
 In general there are Kinds of sincere beacons (it not matrix radiation, specialisation such Beacons - to mark on big distances), they will be not not marked ordinary devices. But who is necessary can mark Even within many parsec (through torsiony fields).