About "Double-dealing fellows" and matrix administration.
 "Double-dealing fellows" - one From the most gloomy and forbidden damage because they jar on Individuality, and I will try to tell a essence of an individual about them to you. They are based on everyones "turn over", for example in programming "turn over" logic bit - with 0 on 1 or 1 on 0.
 Present for example that In the computer one of any logic bits "will turn", what will occur? The car account "warp". The car either "will hang", or will start to consider not Understand that, or something is not correct. And a head, turn that and The person to change, becomes not by itself. Especially it concerns Double-dealing fellows to "be pleasant" (causal desires) and it "would be desirable" (investigatory desires). For example the double-dealing fellow to "be pleasant" - that was pleasant to cease to please, what not It was pleasant to be pleasant. It is possible to overturn anything you like (if it is possible so To be expressed) there would be a basis and logic.
 There are Double-dealing fellows program (about which I have a little told) and magical which Do witches during damage imposing (a witch? Because double-dealing fellows Do witches instead of someone (!)). Especially double-dealing fellows can stick in early The childhood and leave deeply in subconsciousness, and the child as a rule removes them cannot Also remove them already aged when associates and the individual understands that with Its essence that that not so. Affectation, not coincidence Acts of an individual with its real condition (double-dealing fellows are shown not Constantly, and in any situations, the individual itself does not understand why so Arrives) is shown.
 The most dangerous Magical double-dealing fellows become on witchs meetings - sabbath. From here and a word Extra work - witches extra earnings (for some reason so name additional Extra earnings) where witches earn money - sins and "sin" as a rule on itself do not take and on someone throw off. And then The person on which have thrown off "sin" toils for witchs crimes all The remained life if will not remove damage. Also main witch on sabbath gives Tasks to young witches. Whom to spoil, whom "blow by needle" whom to tighten. Sabbaths can Gather spontaneously, under the influence of the certain reasons. For example now, in Critical time for a civilisation.
 Double-dealing fellows involved in matrixes are especially dangerous , with their help it is possible to spoil those only A separate individual, but also a family, the organisation and a society as a whole. For To involve the double-dealing fellow in its matrix at first somewhere Write down, for example made ведьминский a ceremony on sabbath (dynamic An information picture). Then record put in order, Something can change, but an essence usually leave. Then write in matrix Mathematics, load properly in heads and all. Wait for result and results Can be sad - degradation and warping essences of individuals , the organisations, societies, the states. In general if wish to spoil something- "Double-dealing fellows" the most effective method (!).
 The double-dealing fellow  A universe is a  kind of the double-dealing fellow based on the double-dealing fellow Basic relationships of cause and effect,
For example man's on female And female on man's which Earth is present on a planet. Women After such damage become "command", consider itself as primary sources, An essence. Consider itself главнее men and men subordinate. For example in families, Where the wife operates the husband, learns it, orders it, and the husband blindly submits To orders of the wife. It for it the slave (!).
 Men turned On "female", carry female linen, suffer female habits etc.
Turned on "female" Men it is not necessary to confuse "passive" which simply love анальный sex to gays, and correctly do (!).
 Undercover Matrix administration - witches led by архиведьмами and sects as a rule are. Their matrix подключечьки internal, undercover. Through These подключечьки they imperceptibly influence a society and public processes, Make active dangerous matrix inertia, can make active those or others Damage or watch a society and very much do not love, when someone Is interested in their affairs. Their affairs remain secret in centuries and at times one knowledge of these secrets Can draw a trouble, therefore many are afraid to be put in their affairs (there are Undercover blocking, the protection inspiring fear). But me, on confluence Circumstances, it was possible to learn and correct much and work wise dark The sorcerer is pleasant to me. By the way some witches dislike black sorcerers And between them there are the present psi-dismantlings which at times are coming to an end someone's With death. I have thought well of defence in many respects to understand and to you To tell, have created the present fortress from which I do almost daily Sorties.
The concept of survivability of a matrix - In the matrix mathematics exists criterion of survivability of a matrix (!) I.e. not How many its elements how many survivability of an organism under the name "matrix".  If any element is not necessary to a matrix that it it liquidates, i.e. kills Or exhausts it, as a lemon. The matrix really reminds a live organism. Some individuals, At all without knowing difficult concepts of matrixes see in them a live organism. It can Quantitatively change (to expand, grasping individuals transforming them Into matrix elements) is seldom qualitative (quality set initially, i.e. Set the purpose) unless someone will understand the mathematician or simply it Will destroy. Matrix elements seldom understand something in the matrix mathematics, them Business to carry out matrix functions and if the element does not wish it to do that A matrix it punishes or destroys. In a matrix of that only it is impossible to do- To do at-to-plough, to create system Sovereignties, rubbish-plants and dustbins, Prisons of a different orientation (in particular radioactive prison) to hide Crimes, in general to divide and dominate and create almost absolute The power (theoretically). The matrix is the wild damage transforming Individuals, transforming, to matrix elements, small gears huge An organism, corrupting and causing degradation of the person. "Matrix" its purpose, and individuals - elements of achievement of the purpose, its slaves (!) interests Only
Matrix slavery - a kind Slavery but which it is possible to create various subspecies of slavery. At times Erased, invisible.