About "Doomsday".

 Being in a psi-reality you live under its laws (a comment of the author: a psi-reality deeply scientific term, mathematical model of existence of individuals (your way "matrix") you live in "matrix". I cannot describe to you "a matrix" essence, it happens different as I do not know readiness level (basically technically) the reader. To understand philosophically "matrix" it is necessary to know well the theory indifference, rather uneasy science, but becoming in it "abrupt" as at you are expressed, you «will come nearer to gods». But all the same also I will explain you some postulates. Who ingenious, will reach before.  I too reached all itself at a given time the
 lives on the Earth I have understood what to talk any more to whom and to prompt there is already nobody, but to me as at you speak «there was nothing to lose» and I Has gone forward, has then got acquainted with devil - became more cheerful, then with aliens - it became sad, has then got acquainted with itself - and it became a pity to me of associates and when any rich and happy person laughs on the TV I I laugh a little, not up to the end understanding roofing felts over itself roofing felts over it, I do not understand till now where I have got (!). Well it is fine, I have a little distracted, I will explain some postulates:
1) Living or existing in a psi-reality, the case is damned and it is considered the future. The more rigidly "matrix", the is more precisely defined the future and as various events are assumed, but they are not known to "matrix elements» and are known for that who has created it.
2) it is frequent or even it is periodical objects of "matrix" "transformations" (you through "recooking" subject in the sleep) are exposed i.e. to them do not give to possibility to understand some things, and the most important thing to look at all and also on itself from outside, or create effect of hypnosis - belief type that you can look at yourselves from outside and also block memory that there was no possibility to analyse an event.
3) certain criteria (viability   of a society, factor of harmony of chaos and an order and the most important    criteria "capacity" i.e. ability of individuals of a society  to solve global problems, and as level of crimes of which you up to the end do not understand, your way "sins" Constantly are considered  . At a given time, when the criterion will show search, i.e. not ability of the decision of problems without external intervention, and also high instability of a society (an economic crisis, technogenic accidents, global epidemic deathes or terror) or on the contrary direct threat to solve global and at times unsoluble problems without external intervention, i.e. to leave from under control - you "will visit", to arrange to you "Doomsday". It by the way should be already and its delay is connected with the various reasons, for example:
 1) On a planet of full nuclear weapon (have overdone particularly (!)) and    there is a probability to burn down it together with earth dwellers on nuclear fire. And as high level of preparation armies the Earths, a considerable quantity of the prepared, highly skilled divisions, and also perfection of the weapon. And the most important absence autocratic managements i.e. if one country has surrendered, it does not mean that another has surrendered.
 2) someone Should call and they, as though to the aid of humiliated and   offended, should come to judge you, between times creating   base for intrusion.
3) you solve problems and understand crimes   made on a planet.
4) Forces standing up for the Doomsday as not so "are on friendly terms" among themselves   in general do not come to a common opinion - as as (!).
5) Up to the end not clear reasons (presence of a real case, the   uncertain natural cataclysms, not predetermined outside influence on "matrix", etc.)
The correct decision of problems connected with the Doomsday consists in the wise and resolute decision of global problems and increases of planetary immunity and ability perfection to protect a planet.